Who am I?

I have been a Motor Trader since the day I passed my driving test 45 years ago. Since then I have bought and sold many thousands of cars, these being of every type and price with a mix of models ranging from Reliant Robins to Rolls Royce's and Lada's to Lambo's.

I have acquired a great deal of expertise in the business and like to think that over the years I have learned that when dealing with people, truth and honesty are the best way of ensuring that I have the confidence and trust of my customers!

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The type of vehicle I stock.

Now I deal almost exclusively in used Saab, this is a make in which I have a very extensive experience going back over the to many years I have been a car dealer!

These Saab's are priced from around £5,000 to £18,000, most of them will be one or two owner, full service history cars that will have mileage's ranging from 5,000 to 70,000 miles, though most of the cars I offer have mileages of less than 60,000 and they will normally be less than seven years old.

I do my best to ensure that the vehicles offered are priced to compete in the market and are of a high quality. On this website I like to offer a potential purchaser a comprehensive and detailed description of the vehicle that interests him, including both specification and service history information, plus a personal impression of the vehicle.

I try not to bore my customers with a long list of the cars more minor standard equipment, preferring to concentrate on the more significant standard fit items and any special order items fitted by either the manufacturer or the original franchised supplying dealer.

I endeavour to make my description of any vehicles specification offered on this website as accurate as possible, however on occasion errors may occur, I do ask any customer wishing to view a vehicle or actually on my premises viewing a vehicle to check with me on any particular aspect of the cars specification they would like made clear, I cannot accept any responsibility for such errors in a vehicles description.

All vehicles offered for sale on this web site are here on my premises, these vehicles are normally only offered for sale once their pre sale preparation is complete, however any scheduled servicing that may be required is normally performed after the initial sale is agreed, but before the customer picks up their new (to them) car!

My cars are never "over prepared", I prefer to present them in as an original condition as possible, thoroughly and well cleaned, but not "valeted" you will never see any "tyre black" on the vehicle's I offer for sale! However I do pride myself on my attention to detail and like to think that the cars I offer will be amongst the best you will find.

All the vehicles I offer for sale have their service history fully researched and are subject to a full HPI or Experian vehicle data check, these checks are presented with the vehicles other paperwork for you to appraise when you view the car, however if you feel you would like to verify this information for your self, I am happy to provide you with any information or assistance that may be necessary. about photo


The vehicles I offer for sale carry a comprehensive written parts and labour warranty. This is my own warranty as I have very little confidence in the insurance based "warranties" preferring to offer a no strings, no small print, personal warranty where I take responsibility for the vehicles I sell rather than abrogate my responsibilities off to a third party, who's interests are often best served by finding a reason not to pay out on a customers claim!

For a customer who lives within a reasonable distance of my location, as in anything up to two hours away, then if an issue should develop with their Saab under my warranty, the normal practice is for me to send a driver with a loan car who will meet the customer at a point convenient to his location, leave him with the loan vehicle, then I will have any repairs undertaken by my preferred local Saab service and repair specialists JP Auto Solutions of Bristol www.jpautosbristol.co.uk

If the distance involved is too great or the circumstances make this course of action inappropriate, then I will liaise with either the customers local Saab franchised dealer or an appropriate independent Saab specialist to ensure that any repairs are carried out to both the customers and my satisfaction.

This is all backed up by the very conscientious and personal level of service that I offer my customers, I am always available at the other end of a phone to ensure that the few problems that can occur are dealt with quickly, efficiently and in a way that will give the least possible inconvenience to the customer.

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My approach to business.

My business is centred on my home near Thornbury in rural South Gloucestershire, some fifteen miles north of Bristol and twenty miles south of Gloucester, in a very pleasant and quiet location with the benefit of very good motorway access to all parts of the country.

I am happy to take a part exchange if a deal can be agreed, but I prefer to leave any finance arrangements to the customer as they can normally arrange a better deal for themselves than I can.

It is my goal is to offer the customer a high quality vehicle at a competitive price and to conduct business in an informal, open, friendly and straight forward manner.

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My business is located near the town of Thornbury in South Gloucestershire, some 15 miles north of Bristol.

I will be happy to deal with any queries, either by phone or email, my phone numbers can be found on the right of this page, however If you would prefer to contact me by email, please could you use the contact form below.

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Rather than exchange dry impersonal messages over the internet, we much prefer to talk to our customers, please feel free to call on 01454 412073 at anytime between 8.30 am and 9.30 pm.

If you would like to come and see a particular car or view our entire stock of used Saabs, we are normally available on most days between 9am and 7pm.

However please could you bare in mind that we do need prospective customers to make an appointment, therefore could you please telephone in order that a time suitable to your schedule can be arranged.