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Those of you who are regular visitors here to my Website will have noticed that the number of Saab's that I have for sale over the last year have considerably reduced. There are three main reasons for this, the first is that as the Saabs on offer have become older the reduction in number of Saab's that meet my parameters of condition and mileage has considerably reduced, the second is that I very soon will be 68 years of age and feel that the time has come to hang up my dealing boots and retire. The third reason is that last year my wife Lorraine was quite ill and that did get in the way of doing business.

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Since I now consider myself retired I have been taking a look at some of the Saab paraphernalia that is around my premises and have come up with some interesting things, Click on the image to the left for more information.

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My business is located near the town of Thornbury in South Gloucestershire, some 15 miles north of Bristol.

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